One Night Stand


She sat across the room on a big musty old brown chair.  She scanned the room and her eyes came to rest on me.  This is crazy, I thought.  Absolutely stupid.  I returned the look.  She chose me.  Why would she choose me?  I lack much and have little to offer.  What hope could there be in choosing me?  Oh, of course.  There is no hope in choosing me.  That was why I was chosen.  I liked that.  It made sense to me.  I chose her too.  Mostly it was up to her.  It’s always up to women.


She stood up and approached me.  Large brown eyes like stained glass peered down at me.  I saw her body.  All of the smooth curves of her legs that led up and up to the rounded hips that led further up to the firm curve of her breasts.





She sat on my lap.  We did not talk.


I cannot believe this, I thought.  This is not my style (if a man has a style when it comes to women).  Her brown hair rested on my face as she sat there.  I felt every breath.  Every heartbeat.  Thump.  Thump.  I felt the sweat on my palms and the anticipation of the good feeling to come.


“Could you give me a ride home?”



We never made it to her place.  I lived closer.


She stepped into the room and took off her jacket.  Then we kissed.  Soon, my hands were on those smooth curves and I felt her frame pressed against me.  We were naked then.  On the floor, I felt her body against mine.  I felt those smooth curves grinding into the rough symmetry of my own body.  I felt the sharp contrasts between the rigid angles of the masculine and the soft crescents of the feminine.  We hardly spoke.  I felt myself join her for a brief moment.  That infinitesimal moment when life is not alone and I am not trapped within myself.  For that second I felt myself bleed through that joining and into her existence.  The quickening of her heart.  The feel of sweat rolling off her breast.  I knew what it was to be her.  To live inside her prison rather than my own.  To see myself from her eyes.  Now is the moment, I thought.  Only now.  Forever now.  Now.  Now.  Now.  Only now.  The explosion turned my vision dark and I saw the lightning flashes of color across the backs of my closed eyelids as my body convulsed.  Then the extreme weight of exhaustion.  I was aware of my own breath.  I felt my heart beating fast beneath my chest.  I looked at her lying on the floor next to me.  It was over.


She stood up and began to dress.


“Do you want to go home now?”


“Why? You can stay a little while longer can’t you?”

“No.  I have to get up early for work.  I need to get some sleep.”



I never knew where she worked.  The next day I forgot her name.

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